About the candidate

 Ryan Grimm, 27, of St. Marys, has announced his candidacy for State Representative in the 75th District. The seat, which includes both Elk and a portion of Clearfield County, will be vacated by State Representative Matt Gabler in January 2021. Grimm filed 31 pages of petitions from Elk and Clearfield counties in Harrisburg on Monday, February 17th.

Ryan Grimm attended Slippery Rock University and majored in Environmental Studies. He chose to return to the area and is currently employed at the Elk County Conservation District as a Resource Conservation Technician.

Grimm says he understands the needs of our area, “A wholesome and steady economy that allows for hard work to truly pay off is important to everyone.” Wise stewardship of tax-payer dollars is a major initiative of Ryan Grimm’s campaign, “I understand the needs of families that live paycheck to paycheck.”

A native of Cameron County, Ryan Grimm was regularly influenced by his strong commitment to family and his community. Grimm developed a robust team dynamic where he was often a leader in sports, “I have always appreciated the teachers, mentors, and coaches that have shaped my character throughout the years, so I know how critical education and extracurricular activities are to families in our area.” From a young age, Ryan Grimm was drawn to the outdoors and is truly passionate about maintaining a healthy environment. “I’m an avid hunter and fisherman, and I know how important Elk and Clearfield Counties’ forests and streams are to residents and tourists alike.”

Grimm currently lives with his wife, Taylor, and their dog, “Gerty” in Saint Marys, where they enjoy spending time off together hunting or playing in community sports leagues. Grimm’s wife is a nurse. “Her experience has shown me the need for additional support services for the aging population of our region as well as the major need for improved counseling and rehabilitation services for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction in Elk and Clearfield Counties.”

Ryan Grimm, a local outdoorsman and family man, says he is looking forward to the opportunity to represent the area he knows so well, “I’m thrilled to be your Democratic candidate for the 75th district of Pennsylvania and I hope to win your votes in order to improve our hometown communities.”


as your state Representative, i plan to:


1. Investigate opportunities to help engage and attract younger residents to the area through economic, housing, and educational changes.

2. Support economic growth in Elk and Clearfield Counties by promoting higher-paid aptitude jobs to our region.

3. Enhance learning potential for trade skills training to the area therefore creating a skilled and prepared workforce to suit the needs of our community.

4. Improve support services for the aging population of our region, and help to increase rehabilitation and counseling services for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

5. Protect and maintain our one-of-a-kind environment and ensure its wellness for years to come.

6. Protect the unalienable rights the Constitution provides us.

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Donate To Our Campaign

Donate To Our Campaign


We are a small grassroots campaign, but with your help, we can compete with the high dollar campaigns we are facing!  CLICK the link below to make an online donation.


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Donate To Our Campaign

Donate To Our Campaign


We are always wanting to hear from the people of the 75th District.

Email : Grimm4Rep@gmail.com

Phone : 814-282-9022

Address : PO Box 4 St. Marys, PA 15857

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We are always looking for people to help spread the word about what Ryan and his campaign believe.  With your help, we can leave the 75th District better than we found it!